Cult Never Dies: Highlights of 2017 – Part Seven

The 7th and probably final of our last end of year highlights post, what a fine year for music 2017 was. Voted for by Cult Never Dies contributors as before.

Clockwise from top left:

• Chaos Moon: Eschaton Mémoire (Blood Music)
• Norilsk: Le Passage Des Glaciers (Hypnotic Dirge)
• Old Night: Pale Cold Irrelevance (Rain Without End)
• Cult of Eibon: Lycan Twilight Sorcery (Iron Bonehead)
• Lek: Shadows Of Black Souls (Wolfspell)
• Olde: Temple (STB)
• Black Cilice: Banished from Time (Iron Bonehead)
• Ofermod: Sol Nox (Shadow Records)